About Us

Our Vision, Mission and Values



Soapy Cleaning Company was originally created to provide reliable turnovers for Airbnb properties managed by HostOften Property Management. It has expanded to become a fast growing residential cleaning company providing a higher quality house cleaning service in Halifax, NS and the surrounding HRM.

Our Vision

To be a top notch customer service company providing the best home cleaning services in Halifax, NS.


Our Mission

To give everyone living in HRM the benefits of a consistently clean and tidy home, and the added free time provided by using our residential cleaning service.


Our Values

Help Others: We will reliably taking care of the tasks you would rather not be doing. We donate a $1 from every clean towards helping the homeless and less fortunate in Nova Scotia.

Have Fun: We aim to find the fun in everything we do. We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t enjoy it!

Customer Service: Our priority. We aim to serve our clients and treat them exactly as if we were serving ourselves.

Growth: We strive to build long-term relationships and become contributing members of our community.